Gauze Striped Curtain

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Gauze Striped Curtain

Limited Quantities

Machine Wash: Cold, Dry: Medium

Gauze was not just used for wound dressing, but has been woven in many forms as recorded from the early inventories of the 1600's. Gauze curtaining was often woven plain, striped or flowered. This one has a very subtle stripe and is extremely durable. It has a wonderful soft textured feel after it has been washed to the sizes listed. If used as-is at loom length, it is more see-thru and when washed it provides privacy and moderate light blockage.

Gauze curtains are sold at loom state and must be washed to achieve the sizes listed.

Short - 52x50 shrinks to 48x45

Long - 52x94 shrinks to 48x84